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Cocktail Drinks




Siesta Martini                                  
Tequila-grapefruit & lime juices-simple syrup

Lemon Drop                                        
Stoly vodka-Cointreau-lemon juice-splash of sprite-lemon sugar rim

Drunken Monkey                                                
Coconut & spiced rums-orange, pineapple & cherry juices-orange bitters-nutmeg-ice

Pina Colada Martini                         
Bambarra coconut rum-cream of coconut-pineapple juice

Aperol Cocktail                                  
Sparkling wine-Stoly vodka-Aperol-grapefruit juice-ice

Coconut Dark n Stormy                   
Bambarra coconut rum/dark rum-ginger beer-lime juice-ice

Rum Relaxer                                       
Bambarra white rum-pineapple juice-grenadine-sprite-ice

Cheeky Peach                              
Stoly vodka-peach schnapps-simple syrup-Peychaud’s bitters-club soda-mint-ice

Old Fashioned                                    
Rye whisky-club soda-bitters-lemon twist-ice

Upgrade to a premium vodka/gin/rum for an additional charge

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