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Champagne Foam

Gift Cards

How To Purchase

If you would like to purchase a gift card please contact us below providing the following information:

Name of Recipient

Name(s) of Person(s) purchasing the gift card

Amount of Gift (please note the minimum purchase available is $50)

Delivery Policy

1. For overseas purchases, the gift card will be held at the restaurant and presented to the recipient upon their arrival. Regrettably we are unable to mail gift cards as our postal system is unreliable

2. For on-island purchases, the gift card may be collected during hours of operation 9am to 9pm Tuesday through Sunday (subject to change as we close for summer vacations in September, please see our homepage for any notifications of closure dates)

Contact us Here

Please be sure to provide us with all the information requested above so we can expedite your request.  Thank you!

Want to buy a friend a bottle of wine or treat your parents to dessert tonight? Shoot us a text/whatsapp on +1649.247.4537.  Please go to our Menu and Wine List pages to see selections.  Please note all prices are subject to 10% service charge and 12% govt. tax.

Thanks for submitting!

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